The Mental Half
The Mental Half is about the mental side of all kinds of performance, including sports, performing arts, high-stress work, test-taking...basically any endeavor where people need to be at their best when the pressure is on. We focus on real-life cases and their solutions.





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TMH 5 - Alessandro Makes Latte Art

In this epidode, I speak to the multi-talented Alessandro Bellino about how to build confidence in a variety of skills. Alessandro was the #1 singles and doubles player on his college tennis team, has won prestigous jazz singing competitions, and is now the proprieter of a The Coffee Trike, a mobile espresso bar that friends of mine (who didn't know that I knew him) have told me is the best coffee they have ever had. 

The crux of our conversation was, "How do you build confidence in any given activity?" We touched on his past successes and his current challenge: rounding off his espresso skills by learning how to draw attractive designs on the top of his drinks.

You can find Alessandro at and you can find me at

The version that includes charming Australian profanity is available by email request.

Absurdly Special Thanks to Bernard Adnet for creating the new logo that accompanies this episode. I will be phasing out the Grasshopper Who Invaded Our Kitchen Logo in the near future. A fond farewell to that little critter.

4/29 Uploaded a version with slightly higher volume.

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TMH 4 - Tehnaz is Running This Code

In this episode, I spoke with Tehnaz Boyle, M.D. Ph.D., a Senior Fellow in Emergency Medicine at Children's Hospital Boston about the mental skills of running a "code," which is doctorspeak for when a patient is in a life-threatening situation. Codes are mixed in with much less acute cases, so the Code Team must get organized quickly when one is called, and operate at maximum efficiency in order to give the patient the best chance for survival.

The Mental Half is a show about the mental side of performance. We talk about the skills needed to succeed in sports, performing arts, testing...any endeavor that requires you to be at your best when the presssure is on. We can find us on iTunes or

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